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Welcome to Cascadia New Church

Cascadia New Church invites you to connect with us for monthly Sunday worship and small group meetings throughout the year as a way to deepen our understanding and enrich our practice of loving the Lord our God and loving our neighbors. Although we are spread throughout the Pacific Northwest region of the US--in Washington and Oregon states, and the southern part of British Colombia--we are connected by a faith that is deeply spiritual and yet practical in daily living. 

We meet virtually via Zoom and with in-person gatherings in Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR. We hope you join us for worship and connection. We are looking forward to gathering in person for an all-region retreat, July 12 - July 16, 2024. 

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Upcoming Worship Service

Our next worship service "Being Calm Helps Everyone" will be on Sunday, September 24th at 10:30 am with Rev. Chris Bown (Virtual only) - Zoom Link

Rev. Bown said of the sermon:

"The Lord asks us to promote peace in our lives with others — in our families, at work, in society at large. And with His help we can do that. We need to be centered with His life and love and be calm and principled inside. He gives that freely to us, if we seek it — if we are not afraid and don’t back away, and if we take agency with strength and courage. Then we might be like a “calm” eye even in the center of a raging hurricane. The Lord, acting in and through us, can re-establish order and a healthier flow of life, for ourselves and for others."

To see the schedule for future worship services or to view videos of past worship services, go here. 

Most Recent Virtual Worship Service

On August 27, 2023, Rev. Jeremy Simons gave both a worship service for children and adults on “God Does Not Lie” (video below). Rev. Simons said of the sermon:

The topic is "God Does Not Lie" a sermon about the secrecy of the Lord’s presence in our lives. It features a story in John chapter 7 where Jesus tells His brothers that He is not going up to the feast in Jerusalem, but then He does go secretly. Why does He deceive them? It is about the way that the truth of things is often different than the way that they appear, and that if this were not the case we could not be regenerated. One of the readings is Divine Providence 211:"The reason Divine providence acts so secretly that scarcely anyone knows of its existence is to prevent mankind from perishing. For a person's native character, which is his will, never acts in accord with Divine providence. A person's native character harbors an innate hostility to that providence…For a person's own prudence is continually raising its head, and Divine providence is continually pressing it down. If a person were to be conscious of this, he would be angered and enraged at God and would perish. But as long as he is not conscious of it, he may become angry and enraged at people, or at himself, and at fortune, too, without perishing. For this reason the Lord by His Divine providence continually leads a person in freedom, and freedom appears to a person no otherwise than as his own."

To view other videos of past worship services, go here

“Charity is like warmth in springtime or summer that causes grass, plants, and trees to grow. Without charity, or spiritual warmth, nothing grows.”

~ Secrets of Heaven 1016, Emanuel Swedenborg