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Welcome to Cascadia New Church

Cascadia New Church invites you to connect with us for monthly Sunday worship and small group meetings throughout the year as a way to deepen our understanding and enrich our practice of loving the Lord our God and loving our neighbors. Although we are spread throughout the Pacific Northwest region--in Washington and Oregon states and the southern part of British Colombia--we are connected by a faith that is deeply spiritual and yet practical in daily living. 

We meet virtually via Zoom and with in-person gatherings in Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR. We hope you join us for worship and connection. We are looking forward to gathering in person for an all-region retreat this summer, July 29 - August 2, 2023. 

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Upcoming Virtual Worship Service

Our next service will be virtual only on Sunday, March 26th at 10:30am with Rev. Nathan Gladish:  Zoom link 

From Rev. Gladish about this upcoming worship service:

"Over the course of this year, I’ve been studying compassion – what is taught in the Old and New Testaments as well as what we can learn from the teachings of the New Church. I’m also intrigued with various other resources, books, articles, videos. It is such a big subject with so many dimensions. For this Sunday, I’d like to share some thoughts about the relation between prayer and compassion. The working title of this service is “Compassionate Prayer.” For the children, the Biblical story will feature Pharaoh’s daughter feeling pity toward baby Moses when she opened the lid of his basket-bed and heard him cry. In Secrets of Heaven, Swedenborg refers to this as a call from the Lord to be compassionate. For the adults, we’ll look at various features of prayer and consider how to encourage compassion as we pray. I look forward to worshiping with you."

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Most Recent Virtual Worship Service

On February 26, 2023, Rev. Michael Gladish gave both a worship service for children and adults on “The Lord’s Infancy and Childhood.”

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Upcoming Small Group Program

Building Healthy Relationships - Starts February 19th

This is a seven (7) week small group program drawing from the Biblical story of the Sermon on the Mount explores how you can apply the story to your life. The New Church teaches that each story of the Bible contains an inner, symbolic meaning that mirrors our every struggle and every triumph. This is an opportunity to make positive change in your life. When you focus on your personal and spiritual growth, the impact is greater than your efforts because the Lord is working with you. You will see changes not only in yourself, but also in your relationships with friends, spouse, family, co-workers, etc. 

The "Building Healthy Relationships" small groups begin February 19th. If you have questions about the program or would like to join a small group, please contact us.

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Summer Retreat 2023 

Finding Light in the Darkness

July 29, 2023 - August 2, 2023

Join us for fun, connection and spiritual renewal. For the latest updates, go here.

“Charity is like warmth in springtime or summer that causes grass, plants, and trees to grow. Without charity, or spiritual warmth, nothing grows.”

~ Secrets of Heaven 1016, Emanuel Swedenborg