Sowing Trust, Cultivating Serenity

Retreat FAQs

What is the Cascadia Church Retreat?

It is three days, four nights to gather and connect with people of all ages in a safe, loving and spiritual environment. Each morning will have singing, worship and discussion groups for the adults as well as worship and activities for the children. In the afternoon you can choose to join several organized activities and classes or have free time. In the evenings, there will be informal Vespers services, one for adults and one for children. We will be providing Holy Supper on Saturday night. There will also be a talent show during Monday's dinner, so don’t forget to bring your talent!

What is the theme?

The theme of the retreat is ‘Sowing Trust. Cultivating Serenity’ and explores how this applies to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves as well as our communities we live in. There are so many layers to this topic and it will be invigorating to dig into this topic together.

Where is camp?

The beautiful Cornet Bay Retreat Center in Deception Pass State Park. There is a dining hall, worship hall, a huge field, dormitories, woods for tent camping, space for RV parking, many bathrooms, running water and electricity. There are multiple options for lodging, please review them carefully on the registration form.

400 Cornet Bay Rd, Oak Harbor, WA 98277 

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When is camp?

Camp Check-In: Friday, July 12th starting at 3pm

Camp Check-Out: Tuesday, July 16th by 11am

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Who will be at camp?

You, your family and friends from anywhere in the world that wish to connect with God and people on a deeper level. 

What ministers will be teaching at the camp?

The Rev. Ethan McCardell will lead the adult worships, discussions, and vespers. The Rev. Phil Schnarr will lead the children’s worship with an amazing team helping with the children’s activities.

Please note that all of us are volunteering to run this camp and the more people contribute, the better the camp will be.

Is there a cost to attend camp?

Suggested fees are on the registration form. These fees help cover the cost of food, supplies, and the facility rental. We want to emphasize that we want EVERYONE who wants to come to be there. There is funding available to help subsidize some of the retreat costs, so pay what you can.

How do I pay for camp?

To Pay By Check:

Make the check out to “Light for Life New Church” and mail to: Cascadia New Church, c/o Nathan Howard, 205 Fort Casey Rd., Coupeville, WA 98239, USA. 

To Pay Digitally (US Only):

We are using Zelle since it is free of charge. You will need to set up a free account with your bank. Please go to Search for your bank and follow the instructions to set up an account. Please send payments to “”.

Will there be food served? 

We will try to accommodate all dietary needs, when possible. We have a plan for  gluten-free and vegan options at every meal. If you have additional dietary needs beyond this, please let us know on the registration form. If we are unable to accommodate your needs, we will let you know and you may need to bring your own food. There is a second kitchen attached to the Worship Hall that you can use to store your food and cook. If you have any questions about food, you can contact the Head Camp Cook, Nathan, at

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Will there be snacks served?

Yes, there will always be water, coffee, tea, drinks, fruit, and bars available in the dining hall during most of the day. There are a few scheduled snack breaks throughout the day.

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Is there a meal plan I can review?

Yes. There is a tentative meal plan, but it is subject to change. 

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If I have special dietary needs, can I bringing my own food, and if I do, do I still have to pay the entire registration fee?

We understand if you would prefer to bring your own food, however, we suggest you review the meal plan and reach out to the Camp Cook, Nathan, at Many dietary needs can be accommodated. If you still would prefer to bring your own food, you are welcome to. There will be some limited fridge space and a second kitchen which you can use.

As far as the fee goes, a large portion of the fee goes toward covering the facility rental and supplies. When you are paying for registration, you have the option to choose what you feel is a reasonable amount to reduce your registration fee.

If I am not staying on site, do I still have to pay the registration fee?

Yes, the registration fee is about covering the cost of the facility rental, supplies, and food. If you are just coming for the day, please bring what you feel is an appropriate amount to cover your meals and other relevant costs.

What will be expected of me?

There's an expectation of campers to help with general cleanup during camp. We will be breaking every adult into groups who will take one day to help with meal setup (30 minutes before each meal) and meal cleanup. 

After our closing gathering on the 16th from 9:30am to 11am, people are expected to clean their lodging areas. We also will need help cleaning the common areas (dining hall, kitchen, worship hall, etc.)

If someone is unable to help with these activities for one reason or another, that is ok. Please let us know if you have any limitation so we don't sign you up for something you cannot do.

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How can I help?

Volunteer! The more people who help at camp, the better the experience will be for everyone. There are a lot of way you can contribute to making camp a wonderful experience.

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What are the adult classes in the morning?

After the adult worship, the ministers will provide discussion questions and facilitate conversations where you can dive deeper into applying the teachings to your life.

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Where will I sleep?

Cornet Bay Retreat Center normally has many 8-person cabins. Unfortunately, these cabins aren’t available this year as they need to be torn down due to lead paint. New cabins will eventually be built, but they won’t be finished by the time of our retreat. This has lowered the cost of the retreat center for us, but it does mean there are fewer accommodation options. When you register for camp, you will select the sleeping arrangements that you are comfortable with. As campers register and we get a better idea of who will be coming, we will work on what sleeping arrangements will work best for you and the group as a whole. The options are:

We are allowed to have an unlimited number of tent campers on-site. There are plenty of flush toilet bathrooms/showers adjacent to where people can tent. 

Will there be childcare provided?

Ages 3-13: From 9:30 am to 11:30 am during the morning worship and children’s activities, there will be adults teaching a kid's program and field day activities.

Ages 0-2: Parents with children under three are expected to stay with their child during the morning programs. The parent can help the child participate in the activity or they can let them play during the adult worship services and classes. We will set up an infant play area in the Worship Hall and the Dining Hall to help make it easier for parents. 

Ages 13-17: During the morning kid's program and field day activities, teenagers can either stay in the adult worship service and classes or help with the kid's program and field day activities. In the early afternoon, there will be a spiritual Q&A time tailored to teenagers and young adults. 

What are the afternoon adventures and classes?

We have a few things planned that we will share when they are finalized, but we need your help to teach a class. So, if you have a fun skill that would be interesting to teach, please reach out to volunteer.

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Will there be any hikes?

Yes, there are many miles of trails in Deception Pass State Park. We have a volunteer that will lead a hike or similar type of adventure each afternoon.

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What if there is a medical emergency?

We do have a camp nurse who will be at camp and have supplies for simple medical issues. There is an urgent care facilities in Oak Harbor (15 minutes away)  and the Island Health Hospital in Anacortes is a Level III trauma hospital (20 minutes away). The State Park also has rangers in the park and, if necessary, emergency services can be called through 911.

Do I need a Discover Pass to park at Deception Pass State Park?

When you are parked in the Cornet Bay Retreat area, you do not need a Discovery Pass. If you decide to adventure in your car to other areas of the park, then you will need a pass. It is $10 a day or $30 for an annual pass.

What do I need to pack?

Is this camp like Menucha? 

No, this is a completely new camp. There may be similarities, but we are starting from scratch. Menucha was a little more full service with their accommodations. This camp is a little more rustic, and volunteers will be cooking our meals. The schedule for this retreat is also structured a bit differently.

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