Small Groups

Photo by Dahiana Waszaj

Small Groups

Our small group discussions are a vibrant lifeline connecting our regional community. They provide a valuable space for reflection and connection that aid our spiritual journeys in living grounded, practical, thoughtful and caring lives.  Centered on a theme or a reading, groups meet on zoom for a period of eight weeks or so. We welcome new people to join a small group.

Upcoming Small Groups

Living Courageously (Sundays - Starting January 21, 2024)

New Church small group/spiritual growth programs, sometimes known as "Journey Programs,” are personally enriching, step-by-step, Bible-based programs designed to assist you in growing spiritually and applying God's teachings to your everyday life. Living Courageously is based on the story of Elijah in the Old Testament, an ancient tale of heroism and adventure. Again and again, Elijah stands against evil when his downfall seems certain – and yet again and again, the Lord pulls him through and helps him re-establish the worship of Jehovah in Israel. 

One of the most courageous things we can do in life is look within, discipline our mind, and strengthen our connection with the Lord so that we can serve others. The Living Courageously program will give participants an opportunity to look at their spiritual life and how the profound insights of a Biblical story can support their spiritual path.

Living Courageously explores the following themes:

Our small groups will meet on Sundays from 9am - 10:15am PST starting January 21st. Each group will be facilitated by a designated leader that will help guide the group through the program materials. If this time doesn’t work, but you are interested, please let us know. To sign up or ask questions, please email

The Living Courageously workbook contains readings, reflections, and tasks and is an important part of the program. It can be ordered at here for $12.95 plus shipping (there isn’t a digital workbook available). If the cost is prohibitive to you participating in the program, please reply to this email and let us know as we have several scholarships available.