Small Groups

Photo by Dahiana Waszaj

Small Groups

Our small group discussions are a vibrant lifeline connecting our regional community. They provide a valuable space for reflection and connection that aid our spiritual journeys in living grounded, practical, thoughtful and caring lives.  Centered on a theme or a reading, groups meet on zoom for a period of eight weeks or so. We welcome new people to join a small group.

Upcoming Small Groups

Rise Above It (Date to be decided.)

This ten (10) week small group program in practical spirituality uses the Ten Commandments as a framework for universal spiritual principles. This program demonstrates how spiritual practice is the core of every major religion—regardless of differences in doctrine or ritual. Participates will not only learn how the commandments occur in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, they will also have the opportunity to practice these spiritual principles in their own lives—especially in regard to the college experience. In this course, “rise above it” refers to rising into higher states of consciousness through practicing universal spiritual principles. 

This small group session will use the updated "Rise Above It" book created in 2018 targeting college students. Although the book's cover says it is for college students, people of all ages/walks of life should find it compelling. For those who've done the original "Rise Above It" small group program, you will find new stories and concepts in this revised version.

If you have any interest in joining a "Rise Above It" small group, let us know.  For questions about the program or would like to join a small group, please contact us.